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For over 10 years, The Squared Circle Revue has been bringing the very best in Pro-Wrestling Cabaret to Detroit.  With its wide variety of characters, The SCR brings some of the most colorful grappling action seen anywhere in the world!  

On  January 19th visit…….


Grab your passport, sun tan lotion and a map, because the Squared Circle Revue is taking Detroit on a first-class 1-way trip to the deepest, darkest, and most exotic place in all of the pro wrestling world… 


Tickets are $15 general admission or $20 for front Row

21+ 9pm at the Tangent Gallery
(715 Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI 48202)

Meet the Competitors

What is the


Get off the couch and get some excitement in your life!

Has your weekend turned into staying at home and LISTENING to Netflix while you stare at your phone?

When you do actually leave the house, there’s a chance you’ll get stuck watching a terrible band, or standing for hours at an over crowded bar, while a “DJ” plays the same top 40 songs off their laptop.

Why not get together with your friends and do something different? Something unexpected? An event you can only witness a few  times a year.

The Squared Circle Revue!

Yes, the Squared Circle Revue! Step right up! Take a seat and observe the finest entertainment Detroit has to offer. Our Pro-Wrestling Cabaret has something for everyone!

  • Burlesque Dancers! 
  • A Live Band!
  • Booze!
  • BABY GAGA (the world's only professional wrestling baby)
  • POGO the One Legged Boy!

You’ll be on the edge of your seat watching our action-packed, risk taking, boneshaking, high flying, death defying, ALWAYS sexy, and oftentimes hilarious Pro-Wrestling Cabaret! We guarantee you’ve never seen a show like this, or your money back.

Where else are you gonna see a time traveling “BroBot” all the way from Ferndale 3030?!

Their are only so many weekends in a year, why not make it a night you and your friends will remember forever. Do something different.

Tickets are limited! Get yours before the Squared Circle Revue sells out! Seating is first come first serve so get there early.

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